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Strategy and Insight for Agritech and Biotech business development

AgritecKnowledge works with its clients to build knowledge, data sets, competitive intelligence, to devise and implement strategy, raise funding and build profitable business partnerships.


Agriculture and agribusiness is undergoing an innovation revolution with implications for the developed and the developing world. Food security and climate change are inextricably linked and they require profoundly creative solutions applied throughout the supply chain.


Maurice Moloney

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Paul Arnison

AgritecKnowledge is a global partnership of experts from N. America, Europe and Australia, who have worked together for more than 20 years in the field of agricultural biotechnology and digital agritech. We are focusing on companies and technologies that have the potential to boost productivity in agriculture while having the potential for carbon footprint mitigation, better processing quality and fundamental nutritional properties.

We interpret the term 'sustainability' to include profitability, otherwise it will not be used by farmers or others in the absence of arbitrary subsidies. However, we recognize the need for the monetization of ecosystem services.

Downstream, we work with a network of experts in processing and fractionation of valuable products from agricultural raw materials. We are experienced in extraction, purification and regulatory approval of novel foods, additives, and ingredients for cosmetic, veterinary and pharmaceutical use derived from agricultural primary products.  

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Dean Brown

Rainer Fischer

CAmeron Begley

Cameron Begley

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Masood Rizvi

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