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Recent blogs and commentaries

Dec 2019

Capturing Hybrid Vigour in Crops

The potential for apomixis technology to affect the seed business and global food access

Feb 2020

Regulating Nature: King Canute on Genome Editing 

A commentary on the ruling of the European Court of Justice on genome editing in the EU


Feb 2020

King Canute and the Purple Sweater

The absurdity of trying to regulate mutations and mutagenesis in plant breeding in the EU

March 2020

“Pump and circumstance” in the days of a Coronavirus

The story of Dr. John Snow and the birth of epidemiology

April 15 2020

April 25 2020

RNA vaccine developments for Coronavirus

Oxford University and Imperial College enter clinical trials

Crops by Design

How genotyping and phenotyping will lead two the creation of "smart plants" 

June 1 2020

The rehabilitation of Tobacco in the era of COVID-19

How tobacco shaped our knowledge of viruses and how it is being repurposed to help combat COVID-19

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