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“Cash is more important than your mother” (Al Shugart)


So quipped Al Shugart, the colourful entrepreneur and innovator, who cofounded Seagate Technology in 1979. He wasn’t really being disrespectful to the world’s wonderful Moms. It was a call to attention to all entrepreneurs that the survival of a business (or indeed any major R&D effort) depends on paving your cash runway from conception to commercialization. Far more great ideas die through cash starvation than survive all the way to a commercial product.


At AgritecKnowledge, we understand and have lived through this reality.


Funding R&D, product development, regulatory affairs and commercialization requires strategy and ingenuity. Framing your offering within a commercial context is indispensable for a growing start-up and even for sourcing major federal funding. 

We will help you to frame the most compelling case for major investments. We shall identify the highest probability targets and we will participate in all aspects of the “pitch”, bid or application.  

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